I am currently a Lecturer (Tenure track) and an ARC DECRA Fellow in the Research School of Engineering (RSEng), ANU. I received my PhD from the Department of Computer Science, the University of Hong Kong in Nov. 2012. My research focuses on computer vision, and applied machine learning in 3D vision, 3D scene modeling and understanding.


Email: Miaomiao.liu (at) anu.edu.au

Office Phone:612 53723

Office: 351, Brian Anderson Building (115), 31 North Road, Acton ACT 2601, Australia


Potential Students:

I am always looking for good undergraduate, master and PhD students, who are highly self-motivated, strong in Mathematics and Programming, working on challenging computer vision research problems!

For ANU undergraduate and master students looking for research projects on computer vision, you at least have taken the ENGN 4528/6528 Computer Vision and/or COMP4670 Statistical Machine Learning in ANU. Please attach your transcript to your enquiry email.


Liyuan Pan, PhD Candidate(2018 -)(co-supervision with Prof. Richard Hartley)

Wei MAO, PhD Candidate (2018 -)

Shidi Li, PhD Candidate (2019 -)

Jiayu Yang, Mphil(2019 -)

Tianyu Wang, PhD Candidate(2020 -) (Co-supervision with Dr. Kee Siong NG)

Graduated Students:

Wei Zhuo (2013-2018), Co-supervision with Dr. Mathieu Salzmann and Dr. Xuming He


Jul. 3rd, 2020: One paper accepted to ECCV 2020.

Feb. 24th, 2020: Two papers accepted to CVPR 2020, Seattle, US!(1 Oral, 1 Poster)

Dec. 4th, 2019: With Prof. Richard Hartley, we are successful with an ARC Discovery Project funding :)!

Nov. 1st, 2019: Our ICCV 2019 work is featured on the ICCV Daily magazine! Click Here! :)

Oct. 15th, 2019: Great thanks to the ICCV organisers for awarding Wei Mao with an ICCV2019 student travel grant!

Oct. 1st, 2019: One paper is accepted to TIP.

Aug. 23rd, 2019: I am going to teach course ENGN 6528 Computer Vision (Post-graduate) in Sem. 1, 2020.

Aug. 1st, 2019: Welcome Shidi Li join my group as a phD student!

Jul. 23rd, 2019: One paper accepted to ICCV 2019, Seoul, Korea! (Oral)

Jul. 2nd, 2019: One paper accepted to BMVC 2019, Cardiff, UK! (Spotlight)

Mar.29th, 2019: Welcome Jiayu and Shengqi join my group as master of research (Mphil) students!

Feb.25th, 2019: Two papers accepted to CVPR 2019, Long Beach, US! (1 oral, 1 poster)

Jan.3rd, 2019: I thank NVIDIA donates (1)Titan V through the NVIDIA GPU Grant Program to support the research in my group! Great Gift for the New Year :)

Dec.4th, 2018: I am going to teach course ENGN 8535 Engineering Data Analytics in Sem. 1, 2019.

Nov.10th, 2018: One paper got accepted to WACV 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii, US!

Aug. 1st, 2018: Welcome Wei joins my group as a PhD student!

Aug. 1st, 2018: I am glad to join the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision as an Associate Investigator.

July 19th, 2018: I join the Research school of Engineering at the Australian National Univeristy as a Lecturer (Tenure Track). I am looking for highly motivated PhD student working with me on challenging research topics in Computer Vision.

April 10th, 2018:I join the Computeri Vision and Robotics (CVR) Group in CECS, Australian National University (ANU), as a ARC DECRA Fellow on April 10th. 2018. My data61 email address is not available anymore.

Feb. 19th, 2018: One paper got accepted to CVPR 2018, Salt Lake, US!

Dec. 6th, 2017: Abstract: Learning Geometric Representation from Visual Data in Computer Vision, accepted by Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW), Brisbane, 2018. In addition, I will serve as a panelist for DECRA panel for the special ECR event.

Nov. 10th,2017: Successful in an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), 2018!

Nov. 8th, 2017: One paper got accepted to AAAI 2018, New Orleans, US!

Oct.20th, 2017: One paper got accepted to WACV 2018, Lake Tahoe, US!

Oct.10th, 2017: Guest Lecture in ENGN 8536 in ANU [course convenor: Prof. Richard Hartley], talking about "Deep Learning-based 3D Reconstruction".

Jul.25th, 2017: One paper got accepted to IJCV 2017!

Feb.27th, 2017: Two papers got accepted to CVPR 2017, Hawaii, US!