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Daniel Harabor

It's me!
PhD Candidate (Submitted!) — ANU School of Computer Science
ResearcherNational ICT Australia (NICTA)

Postal Address:
National ICT Australia (NICTA)
Level 5, 13 Garden St
Eveleigh, NSW 2015, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9376 2088
Email: firstname [dot] lastname [at] nicta [dot] com [dot] au

Research Interests:

  • Routing and Navigation, including pathfinding in games.
  • Local search for Travelling Salesman and other similar combinatorial optimisation problems.
  • Search-related topics more broadly (e.g. SAT, Constraint Programming).
My résumé is availble here (pdf).


I'm originally from Melbourne but now reside in Canberra Sydney. I obtained my BSc (Hons) from the ANU in 2007. In 2014 I was awarded a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the same august institution. My supervisory panel comprised of Dr. Philip Kilby, Dr. Adi Botea and Dr. Alban Grastien.

I am currently affiliated with National ICT Australia, where I work as a Researcher in the Optimisation Research Group. If you are interested in knowing more about my research (or looking for source code) please visit the projects page. Electronic copies of my published papers are available from the publications page. My personal page contains links to my blog and various places on the web which I find amusing, distracting or both.