Moby Dick predicted the "War on Terrorism"

Afghanistan is mentioned exactly once in Melville's classic Moby Dick. Imagine our amazement to find clear indications of the attack on the World Trade Center and the subsequent American attacks on Afghanistan encoded nearby!

In the picture, apart from the obvious "bloody battle in Affghanistan" and "swift destruction", we can see "World", "Trade" and "Center". To make this clear, "twin" crosses "building" which is overlaid by "WTC". "It's NYC" is nearby. In addition, alleged key figure "Osama", Taliban leader "Omar", Osama's military chief "Atef" and alleged chief hijacker "Atta" are named. Also predicted is a "siege" and "ground war" involving "NATO" and covered by "CNN".

How does this compare to the Bible?

Hebrew has shorter words and more flexible spelling than does English, so finding the same concepts in a Hebrew array of equal size is much easier. Despite this, we see on one site an array almost 20 times as large as ours. Morever, most of the claimed messages found in it are either irrelevant or gibberish or both. What does "They will wonder/gape at the oppressor of a strip of the ticket" mean? The author of that site thinks he can read Hebrew just because he can look up a dictionary, which is why it comes as no surprise to learn that the Hebrew originals of these "messages" are even worse gibberish than their supposed translations.


This picture contains (not marked) the name of a major US airline, a famous large building, and the name of its nearby airport. However, we must remember that, just like the Bible Codes, the Moby Dick codes occur purely by chance and must not be taken seriously.

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