Tom Gedeon

Hi, I am Tom Gedeon, Honorary Professor of Computer Science and recently Head of the Human Centred Computing (Hcc) Research Area of the School of Computing in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at The Australian National University in Canberra. I am the Human-Centric Advancements Chair in AI at Curtin University in Perth. Also, I am Research Professor of Informatics at the University of ÓBuda in Budapest Hungary.

I am no longer BIT Convenor, so please contact Prof Nick Barnes, after checking this page on the BIT.

about me


My research is focused on the development of automated systems for information extraction, from textual as well as eye gaze and physiological human data, and for the synthesis of the extracted information into humanly useful information resources, primarily using neural network, deep learning and fuzzy logic methods. This is responsive AI or human centred computing. For papers see my google scholar page.


I taught COMP1710/COMP6780 Web Development and Design in 1st semester 2021, and COMP4660/COMP8420 Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Bio-inspired Computing, also in 1st semester 2021. I taught these courses for some years. I was also course co-ordinator for COMP3900/COMP6390 Human Computer Interface Design and Evaluation / HCI and Usability Engineering in 2nd semester 2019.



I am/was involved with the following conferences: