Greg O'Keefe

A Picture of Greg another photo My PhD thesis, "The Meaning of UML Models" is all done. Now I'm working on knowledge representation with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) in Adelaide.

I studied under Raj Goré in the Logic and Computation group of ANU's College of Engineering and Computer Science.

My PhD research aimed to provide the precision of formal logic to ordinary people who find symbolic language difficult to work with. To this end, I clarified the semantics of the Unified Modelling Language (UML), and outlined how it can be formalised using graph transformation theory.

My ongoing research interests include

  • maths category theory, type theory, algebra, logic
  • philosophy logic and metaphysics, language, mind, and maths
  • computing Haskell programming, theorem proving, model driven development (MDD)

Here's a brief cv focussing on my real-world skills, and a more academic oriented one, both in .pdf format, and both out of date, but hey, I'm not looking for work at the moment!

Publications and some other work.

My email address is like gregokeefe at

last updated 6 July 2010