A/Prof Kee Siong Ng

I am a (part-time) Associate Professor in ANU's newly formed Software Innovation Institute (SII) and one of the first two Translational Fellows appointed through ANU's Entrepreneurial Academic Scheme.

I have more than 15 years of post-PhD experience in multiple domains, including government, financial services, retail, telco, energy, and manufacturing. I have consulted for many large enterprises in Asia-Pacific-Japan and act as a trusted advisor for many industry colleagues.

I maintain a blog here: http://mentalmodels4life.net

Research Group

I lead the Data Science for Public Good (DS PuG) team at ANU. Here are some of the people associated with the team:
These non-technical articles describe our current focus pretty well

Selected Publications

A more complete list


I was a committer for the open-source Apache MADlib project, which seeks to foster innovation in large-scale in-database analytics.

Download the latest version of Alkemy. (Escher is now incorported into Alkemy.)
Download the latest version of Escher. See also the Wikipedia entry on Escher.
Bach is a work-in-progress, but a version of the system is available for experimentation on request.
Here's the literate program An Implementation of Bach.