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About Me

I am Hassan and since Nov. 2008, a Post-Doc with Prof. John Lloyd at CSL/RSISE, Australian National University, working on the project General Architecture for Artificially Intelligent Agents. I got my Doctorate from the Dept. of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in July/October 2008.
e-mail: hmahmud42 at gmail etc.

Research Interests

Learning Environment Models for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning Problems, Transfer Learning , Bayesian Machine Learning, Universal Prediction and application of Algorithmic Information Theory  to Machine Learning.


Are here.

Future Work

Behaving intelligently when Black Swan events dominate your reward received. In many (most?) problems of interest in practice, what determines the quality of your behaviour is how well you hedge against truly unforseen, unmodeled and highly damaging events. This includes everything from a robot getting knocked over to financial market crashes. The goal of this work is to devise a coherent reinforcement learning theory for dealing with such events. Starting points: robust control, robust reinforcement learning, strategies adopted by traders such as Nassim N. Taleb in navigating financial crashes.