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Top Ten Reasons for Learning Miranda

10. Provides pointless diversion if you get bored of endless hours of looking for Waldo.

9. Enhances computer science students' reputation of being well grounded in the real world.

8. Interesting hobby for people who like dressing up as Data at Star Trek conventions.

7. Improves job market for CS graduates by discouraging people from studying comp sci.

6. Provides first-hand knowledge of how creative virus writers can be.

5. Excellent preparation for real world programming ... no matter how futile, useless and boring the project you are working on is, you can inspire yourself by thinking "at least I'm not coding in Miranda".

4. Con people in other scientific disciplines into believing you are involved in leading edge research (commonly used by academic staff, similar methods exist in other faculties).

3. If you're programming in Miranda, you feel GOOD when the system goes down.

2. No other language is named after a soft drink.

1. The manual can be used as an emergency supply of toilet paper ... not. It puts on more than it wipes off.

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