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Understand Kiwi talk

Have you spent years trying and failing to understand
what they're saying? 

Just by following these easy steps, you too can hold a
conversation with a New Zealander. 

What you hear and what it means:

A MEDGEN: visualize, conjure up mentally, John Lennon
's first solo album Imagine, as if it was a Bug Hut in
the Land of the Long White Cloud.

BETTING: 'Betting Gloves' are worn by 'betsmen' in

BRIST: Part of the human anatomy between the 'nick'
and the 'billy'.

BUGGER: As in 'mine is bugger then yours'.

CHULLY BUN: 'Chilly bin' also known as an ESKY'

COME YOUSE: Controversial captain of the Australian
cricket team who resigned tearfully in favor of Allan
Border. Full name: Kimberley John Hughes.

DIMMER KRETZ: Those who believe in democracy.

ERROR BUCK: Language spoken in countries like
'Surria', 'E-Jupp' and 'Libernon. '

EKKA DYMOCKS: University staff.

GUESS: Flammable vapor used in stoves.

CHICK OUT CHUCKS: Supermarket point of sale operators.

SENDLES: Sandals, thongs and open shoes.

COLOR: Terminator, violent forecloses of human life.

CUSS: Kiss.

DUCK HID: Term of abuse directed mainly at males.

PHAR LAP: New Zealand's famous racehorse christened
Phillip but was incorrectly written down as 'Phar Lap'
by an Australian racing official who was not well
versed in Kiwi-ese.

DUNNESTY: US television soap opera starred Joan
Collins as Elixirs Kerrungton. '

ERROR ROUTE: Arnott's famous oval-shaped 'mulk error
route buskets'.

FITTER CHENEY. A type of long flat pasta, not to be
confused with 'Rugger Tony' or 'Tell ya. Tilly'.

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