This page contains information about people who have expertise in Linguistic Analysis and/or Language Technology and whose work is focussed on the Oceania region. These people represent the expertise and knowledge base that will enable the development of Language Resources in the Region. If you have relevant expertise and knowledge to offer and your name is not on this list, please let Bruce Millar know as he readily acknowledges that this list is incomplete. Where possible a home-page link is given, but if that is not known then a "mailto:" link is provided.

Name Affiliation Area of Expertise
Bruce Millar Australian National University Speech Science & Technology, Speech Data Corpora of Australian English 
David Nathan University of London Linguistics, Multimedia Publishing, Aboriginal Languages of Australia
David Nash Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies & Australian National University Linguistics, Central Australian Languages

New Zealand
Name Affiliation Area of Expertise
Mark Forsyth Voicenet Australasia Speech Science & Technology
Paul Warren Victoria University Psycholinguistics & Experimental Phonetics

Papua New Guinea

Name Affiliation Area of Expertise
Robert Eklund Telia Research Cross-language fluency modelling
Robert Petterson Summer Institute of Linguistics Literacy, Digital Archiving

Name Affiliation Area of Expertise
Robert Early University of South Pacific Linguistic Analysis
Nick Thieberger University of Melbourne Linguistic Analysis of South Efate

Any questions about this site should be directed to Bruce Millar who is the COCOSDA Regional Rapporteur for OCEANIA

Last modified: 28 March 2006