Homepage of Peter Christen

Leibniz Visiting Professor at the University of Leipzig, April to September 2021.

Professor, School of Computing, ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)
The Australian National University (ANU), Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

Email peter.christen@anu.edu.au

Information for students:
  • Please note that I already supervise a large number of PhD students and for the foreseeable future I do not have any capacity for new students.
    So please do not email me.

  • Please note that the ANU is not offering internships for international students.


My research interests:

  • Data matching (record linkage, entity resolution). I am interest in computational aspects (scalability and real-time matching), as well as privacy issues in data matching.

    I have written a book titled Data Matching - Concepts and Techniques for Record Linkage, Entity Resolution, and Duplicate Detection, which has been published by Springer in their Data-Centric Systems and Applications in August 2012. For details (including a PDF file of preface, table of contents, and references) see the data matching book page.

    Buy the book from Amazon.com (a Kindle version is now available).

  • Data Mining
    (for an excellent resource on data mining see: www.KDnuggets.com - Analytics, Big Data, and Data Mining Resources).

  • Information for PhD students and a set of resources with useful information.


  • Personal interests:

    And I care:

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