The Visual Informativeness of Photo Tags

  • The x-axis is the number of times the tag occur in the ImageNet-Flickr collection of 5M images, the y-axis is the visual informativeness measure, as describe in this project.
  • Each dot in the red scatter plot is a tag. Mouse-over to see which tag it is.
  • Select an area to zoom-in and zoom-out (in either the main figure or the small overview). Tag names will be displayed if you have zoomed in enough -- with 200 or less tags in view.
  • Click on a tag to display the top 50 wordnet synsets associated with this tag (yellow bars). Mouse-over each bar to display synset information.

  • The data in this plot will take while to intialize, depending on network speed.
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    show tag name on hover
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    select a tag for more info
    number of occurrences in each synset
    %-of-pictures containing the tag in each synset