Completed Students

These are students that I had a substantial input to their supervision, either as chair of their panel, supervisor, or external advisor.

Ben James

In conjunction with Brian Anderson, for a period of two years. Thesis accepted May 1992. Approaches to Multiharmonic Frequency Tracking and Estimation

Andrew Paice

(Minor involvement) In conjunction with John Moore, from March 1990 to end of 1991. Stabilisation and identification of nonlinear systems 1993
Now with ABB Power Automation in Baden, Switzerland.

Erik Weyer
In conjunction with Iven Mareels, from July 1991. System Identification in the Behavioural Framework 1993. (This thesis was actually submitted for a degree at the University of Trondheim; However Mareels and myself carried out all of the supervision.)
Now at the University of Melbourne.

Mehmet Karan
In conjunction with Brian Anderson, from March 1992. Submitted March 1995. Accepted August 1995. Frequency Tracking and Hidden Markov Models. (Deceased)

Kim Blackmore
In conjunction with Iven Mareels, from March 1992. Submitted March 1995. Accepted July 1995. Nonlinear Parameter Estimation in Classification Problems.
Now at the Department of Engineering, ANU.

Bill Fitzgerald
(Advisor only) with Brian Lees, from September 1992. Temporally invariant land cover classification. Submitted March 1996. Accepted February 1997.

Wee Sun Lee
In conjunction with Peter Bartlett, from February 1993. Submitted February 1996. Accepted June 1996. Agnostic Learning and Single Hidden Layer Neural Networks. (This thesis won the 1996 Crawford prize.)
Now at the National University of Singapore

Darren Ward
In conjunction with Rod Kennedy, from March 1993. Submitted June 1996. Accepted January 1997. Theory and Application of Broadband Frequency Invariant Beamforming.
Formerly a senior lecturer at Imperial College, London. Now a technical analyst at Aspect Capital

Jennifer Fulton
In conjunction with Robert Bitmead, from April 1994. Smoothing techniques for the reconstruction of missing samples (Master of Engineering) 1997.

Nigel Snoad
In conjunction with Terry Bossamier, from June 1994. Limits to evolvability in changing environments. 2000.  Now Senior Advisor at ICT4peace, and Evangelist/Program manager at Microsoft.
Ernest Wan
in conjunction with Don Bone (CSIRO). Neural Networks and the Interpolation of Sparse Earth-Science Data. Submitted February 1998. Awarded 21 December 1998.
Now a researcher at Canon Information Systems Research, Australia.

Michael Brooks
(Master of Engineering) in conjunction with Rod Kennedy. Pitch modification techniques for sampled voice From March 1996. Submitted December 1998.

Karen Payne
In conjunction with Brendan McKay (Geography). Recent Advances in the Problem of Induction and Their Relationship to Ecological Modelling From September 1996. Submitted September 1997. Conferred July 1998. Now at the  University of Georgia  working on spatial data applications for humaintarian aid.

Thushara Abhayapala
In conjunction with Rod Kennedy (Telecommunications Engineering). Modal Analysis and Synthesis of Broadband nearfield Beamforming Arrays . From February 1997. Submitted November 1999. Conferred September 2000.
Now a Senior Fellow at RSISE, ANU.

Biljana Radlovic
in conjunction with Rod Kennedy. Dereverberation of speech signals in acoustic environments. From January 1998. Submitted November 2000.
Ying Guo
in conjunction with Peter Bartlett Aspects of Kernel Based learning Algorithms. From July 1998. Submitted November 2001 (included period of matermity leave).
Now at CSIRO Complex Systems Science
Alex Smola
Learning with kernels. (Alex was a student at the Technical Univeristy of Berlin, but I was involved closely with supervising him since January 1998. Submitted November 1998.
Now a Senior Researcher at yahoo!
Paul Teal
Characterization of mobile radio channels. From April 1999. Submitted November 2001. With Rod Kennedy (Teleng, RSISE)
Now at Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand.

Marshall Shepard
Low Voltage Power Conversion. 2003.
Eric Lehmann
(Masters) Real-time Implementation of a Broadband Nearfield Acoustic Beamformer From September 1999. Thesis submitted November 2000.
Now at CSIRO.
Edward Harrington
Aspects of online learning. 2004 Now at DSTO.
Eric Lehmann
Particle Filtering Methods for Acoustic Source Localisation and Tracking. From July 2001. Accepted 7th April 2005.
Now at CSIRO.
Terrence Betlehem
Aspects of Microphone arrays. From April 2000. Submitted December 2004. Now at Industrial Research limited.
James McGowan
Graphical Techniques in the Analysis of Iterative Decoding Algorithms. From May 2001. Submitted April 2005. Now working in London in the FInance Industry.
Petra Phillips
Data-dependent Analysis of Learning Algorithms From October 2001. Submitted 9 May, 2005. Now a patent examiner in the Hague.
Omri Guttman
Machine Learning. From March 2003.