Robert C. Williamson - Publications

All of my "publications" are listed below, even unpublished ones. The numbers associated with each publication are a "serial number" assigned in approximately chronological order. Since omission of unpublished ones would leave gaps, and since a chronological ordering is rather useful, I have left all of the entries here. Names in italics denote coauthor who was a graduate student at the time of writing the initial paper.


Edited Volumes

Book Chapters

Journal Papers

Submitted Journal Papers

Rejected Journal Papers

Whilst the peer review process is generally a good thing, there are false negatives. I reckon the following are such.


Refereed Conference Papers (International)

Refereed Conference Papers (International) (Rejected)

Refereed Conference Papers (National)




Workshops (with proceedings)

Technical Reports

Unpublished Reports

Papers In Preparation

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