Lots of different tools were used to make these images.

These images were all taken with a Canon 30D camera with one of two lenses I own: 24-105mm f4 IS L , 70-200mm, f4 IS L.

The images are all composites of up to 30 individual frames.

Most were shot using a tripod, but without a panoramic head. Occasionally you can spot the parallex errors so induced, but usually not. A number were shot entirely handheld.

All images were shot in raw mode and converted to 8-bit jpgs using Canon's Digital Photo Professional. The main tone mappings and exposure compensation were done in raw mode.

The combination was achieved using Helmut Deutsch's PanoTools. I use Max Lyon's wonderful PTAssembler front-end. I use Alexandre Jenny's autopano which extracts SIFT features and then matches them up to avoid needing to manually enter the correspondences.

I use Andrew Mihal's enblend program (which uses multiresolution splines) to smoothly blend the outputs of PanoTools.

Final trimming and touchup is done in Jonathan Sachs' Picture Window Pro (way better than photoshop!)

Even with practiced workflow, each image requires considerable post-processing time. It is often challenging to achieve with the available RAM on my computer (1GB). But the results are worth it and are considerably better than I was ever able to achieve using a medium format camera (Mamiya C330F), and would appear to approach the quality of a 4x5 view camera.

The resulting images are quite large, even as jpegs over 50MB in some cases. The size of the raw TIFF file output of enblend sometimes exceeds 1GB. The tiling for the web is done using Zoomify EZ which also provides the flash viewer. The html generation was scripted using bash.