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Artificial Intelligence Group
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Research Leader
Optimisation Research Group
Canberra Research Laboratory
National ICT Australia
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Telephone: (+61) 2 6267 6311
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Mailing Address: NICTA, Locked Bag 8001, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Location: Tower A, 7 London Crt (main office) & RSISE Building (115) ANU, Canberra

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Research Interests

I am a member of ANU's Artificial Intelligence Group and of NICTA's Optimisation Research Group. My interests within AI include planning, scheduling, model-based diagnosis, search, and reasoning under uncertainty. My current research focuses on developing planning, scheduling, and diagnosis techniques that can handle larger and more complex problems featuring uncertainty, mixed discrete-continuous dynamics, and coordination among multiple entities. I am investigating applications of these techniques to future energy systems.

Recent Projects

NICTA project Future Energy Systems.

ARC discovery project "Robust AI Planning for Hybrid Systems".

ACTEW-AGL ANU Endowment project "Modelling and Simulation of Microgrids".

ARC discovery project "Exploiting Structure in AI Planning".

NICTA project SuperCom: model-based Supervision of Composite systems. The project has developed a spectrum of model-based methods for monitoring and diagnosing distributed dynamic systems. These methods rely on decentralised reasoning, symbolic representations, and model compilation.

NICTA project DPOLP: Dynamic Planning, Optimisation and Learning Project. DPOLP has made a number of significant contributions to building tools for planning with time and uncertainty, and to bridging the gap between Petri nets analysis, planning/heuristic search in artificial intelligence, and statistical machine learning.


My educational background includes a Diplôme d'Ingénieur from National Institute of Applied Sciences in 1991, a M.Sc. from Florida Tech in 1992, and a Ph.D. from University of Rennes in 1995, all in Computer Science. I have held appointments with INRIA and CSIRO. Since 2001, I have been with the Australian National University, and since 2003, I have been a contributor to National ICT Australia. In 2008, I was on long service leave and on sabbatical at LAAS-CNRS. In 2009-2011, I was NICTA's Canberra Laboratory director.

Professional Activities

I am or was involved in the following

Student Research Projects

If you are contemplating doing your summer scholarship project, honours project, Masters project, or a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, please contact me, before applying via the usual channels.

The projects I am offering are described here:

Competitive PhD scholarships are available either directly via ANU or via NICTA, but in both cases, students will be enrolled at and will receive a degree from the ANU and need to apply via the ANU application system. For information about graduate programs and links to application forms, click here. For more information about PhD scholarships, click here.

The slides of a presentation, focused on NICTA activities, which I gave to prospective honours and PhD students in 2010, can be found here.



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