pjbb2005 is a fixed-workload variant of the SPECjbb2005 Java benchmark.  Fixing the workload to a constant amount of work (rather than a fixed period of time) makes the benchmark more manageable as a research tool.

To use pjbb2005, you will first need to license jbb2005 from SPEC.

Building and Running

  1. Download the pjbb patch
  2. Patch the SPECjbb2005 sources:
      cd SPECjbb2005
      chmod -R u+w src
      patch -p1 < ../pjbb2005-1.1.patch
  3. Build the suite:
  4. Run:
      java -cp build/dist/jbb.jar:build/dist/check.jar spec.jbb.JBBmain -propfile SPECjbb-8x50000.props -n 2
  5. Install the dist directory to the location of your choice:
      cp -a build/dist <location of your choice>


pjbb2005 extends/modifies SPECjbb2005 in the following ways:
  1. to run for a fixed number of transactions (rather than fixed time)
  2. to run a number of iterations of the benchmark (specified using the “-n” flag)
  3. to call a user-defined callback method at the start and end of each iteration (specified using the “-c” flag)
  4. to use a temporary directory for all generated output (so that the benchmark directory can be read-only)
  5. to allow the benchmark to be run from a directory other than the benchmark root