Some linguistic oddities

My kids know that I am bi-lingual.   I can speak English and American.

Pronunciation of Cache

I know this is bizarre, but some folks in Australia pronounce the word “cache” with a long ‘a’ (“kaysh” rather than “cash“).  Why is that?  As far as I know, no one else in the world does this (see here for both US and British pronunciations, both have a short “a”). Where did this linguistic aberration come from?   If you’re interested, you can read discussion of this important matter right here.

Favorite American Words

Entree:  the main part of the meal (somebody didn’t learn their French very well, did they?)

Deplane:  to get off an airplane.  Sounds to me like the act of destroying an aircraft.  Was there something wrong with disembark?

Momentarily: soon.  To the rest of us this means “for a moment”, “for a short while” rather than “in a moment”.  So when the flight attendant informs us that we will deplane momentarily, I can’t help thinking about  briefly destroying the aircraft.  Hmmm.