Recommended Readings in AI

Every once in a while I read a rare book or paper that completely changes my views on AI or is quite simply so well-written that it gives me deeper insights and intuitions about topics that I already feel reasonably comfortable with. Following are some of these books and papers along with a brief description of why I found them so intriguing.

Sciences of the Artificial (Herb Simon)

Unified Theories of Cognition (Allen Newell)

Situations and Attitudes (Jon Barwise and John Perry)

Hermeneutics (Richard Palmer)

Understanding Computers and Cognition (Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores)

Where the Action Is (Paul Dourish)

Arenas of Language Use (Herb Clark)

"What's in a Link", "Important Issues in Knowledge Representation", "Don't Blame the Tool", "Understanding Subsumption and Taxonomy" (Bill Woods)

Reinforcement Learning (Rich Sutton and Andy Barto)

"Decision-Theoretic Planning: Structural Assumptions and Computational Leverage" (Craig Boutilier et al.)