2006 National Computer Chess Championships


The 2006 Australasian National Computer Chess Championships (NC3 for short) is being held as part of the Australian National University Chess Festival. This event has been run since 1998 and has provided the impetus for the development of a number of strong chess programs in Australia and New Zealand.


Date: 20 August 2006
Time: 0900 Aest (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Venue: Online. The event will be hosted on chess.tridgell.net This is a chess server maintained by Andrew Tridgell and you can connect to it using any FICS complient client (such as Xboard) via port 5000
Rounds: 7 or 8 round swiss
Time limits: Each game will be G/20 with a 10s per move increment
Spectators: Most welcome. The chess server is free and spectators can either login as guests or register.
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2006 Tournament Results

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Tournament Rules

  1. The event will be a 7 or 8 round swiss system tournament
  2. The time limit will be G/20m with a 10s per move increment
    1. Manually operated programs will be allowed a 20s per move increment
  3. Standard FIDE rules of chess will apply
  4. Programs are allowed 1 restart within the first 5 moves of the game if they suffer technical or other difficulties
  5. If a program disconnects or crashes it has 5 minutes to reestablish the connection and resume the game
    1. This can occur twice in a single game. Any further disconnections result in a loss
  6. Operators are allowed to offer and accept draws on behalf of their programs. Operators can also resign on behalf of their programs. Operators can flag if the other program runs out of time.
  7. In the case of a two way tie for first place, a 2 game G/5m+2s inc mini-match will be held to decide the winner. If more than two programs tie, or the playoff match is tied, then we'll make it up as we go along.
  8. At the completion of each game, game scores are to be mailed to shaun.press@anu.edu.au for archival purposes.