Proposed Names

Names suggested for our AUV (and of even moderately good taste):

`Alex' - Autonomus Liquid EXplorer

`AQUA' - Australian Quester for Undewater Autonomy

`AQUA-ist' - Australian Quick (intelligent) Underwater ANU vehicle

`ARES'  - [ANU|Australian] Robotic Exploratory Submersible

`ARSE ' - [ANU|Australian] Robotic Submersible Explorer

`AURA' - [ANU|Australian] Underwater Robotic Automaton

`AURAE ' - [ANU|Australian] Underwater Robotic Autonomous Explorer

`AUSBOT' - AUtonomous Submersible roBOT

`Berley' - very Australian fish attractant or, equivalently, to get seasick both feed the fish



`BUNYIP' - Bionic Underwater Navigating Yellow Itinerant Pereginator

`Bunyun' - aboriginal word for frog

`Burban' - has a nice ring to it and sounds much better than it purports to be.  (sub-burban)

`Burb'  (sub-burb)

`Chunder' - researCH UNDERwater

`Duckbill I' -  a royal name!

`Dunny' - Developed by the aUstraliaN National UniversitY`

`EARS' -  Exploratory Autonomous Robotic Submersible

`Esfa'  - say "S for" submarine

`Feo' - as in iron oxide [not quite]


`Kambara'  - aboriginal word for crocodile

`Kena'  - aboriginal word for fresh water crocodile

`Liminal'  -  perhaps not subliminal enough

`MATHILDA' -  Mechanical Autonomous Tank Immersible Lewd Dunking Apparatus

`MAUDE' - Mobile Autonomous Underwater DEvice

`mAUVe submarine' -  You'll have to paint it mauve (-:

`MEATPIE' -  Marine Engine for Automated Thoroughfare of Pretty Interesting Environments

`Mersible' (sub-mersible)

`nAUVtilus'  - with apologies to Jules Verne as in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"

`OARS' - Observant Autonomous Robotic Submersible

`Ordinate'  (sub-ordinate)



`Pikuwa'  - aboriginal word for salt water crocodile


`ROSE' - Robotic Observant Submersible Explorer

`SEAR' - Submersible Exploratory Autonomous Robot

`Servient'  - geeky man-over-machine stuff.  (sub-servient)

`Selleys' - popular brand of waterproof sealant

`SKIPPEE' -  Submersible Kraft for Intelligent Perusal of Pretty Excellent Environments

`SMEAR' - SubMersible Exploratory Autonomous Robot

`Standard'  (sub-standard)

`Streuth' - obviously an acronym is subsequently needed like `auSTRalian nEUtrally-bouyant baTHyscaphe'

`Sub version 1' -  New university freshman subject in Political Science

`Syd' - the olympic mascot, but this might incur royalties.  "Syd" could be used just as a nickname

`Tambreet'  - native name of the duckbilled platypus

`Terfuge' could work. (sub-terfuge)

`The Spider' - is not so original Australian, however, spiders are quite known here in Australia. It has a structure that can "look" like a spider and it move around everywhere and get into difficult places .

`Titania' - as in Shakespeare's Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream.  ANU's submersible's twin at Sydney Universtiy is called 'Oberon'


`Title'  (sub-title)

`U-beauty' - as in U-boat but Aussie

`U-bastard' - same idea but not as obviously feminine as U-beauty

`VEGEMITE' -  Very Excellent Gizmo Enabling Mobile Immersed Tank Exploration

`Vert'  -  since (as everyone knows) the French version of the Beatles' song `Yellow Submarine' is `Le sous-marin vert' (`Green submarine' to anglophones). `Vert' is French for `green'. (sub-vert)

`XXXX'  - Is it yellow and cylindrical?  Distinctily Austarlian?

`YOBBO' - Yellow Observing Big Bionic Object

`Yuke'  -aboriginal word for boat

Compiled (but not created!) by David Wettergreen<>
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