Kambara dive equipment list

Dive date:
Sequence # Quantity Description
  PSU enable magnet
  Equipment trolley
  Kambara toolbox
    Kambara crane hook and bolts (in toolbox)
    1/2-inch Spanners for securing crane hook
  Ethernet 100M switch 
    WANI Linux PC (box, keyboard, monitor and cables) or similar
  2 Ethernet patch leads (5m long)
  2 Gloves for operating crane
  1 Key to pool enclosure
    Video recorder, tape and video cable 
    Portable video monitor and adapters
    Digital video camera and tape
    Power board
    Fibre optic transceiver power packs
    Camera calibration target
    17mm open-ended spanner for tightening the ground lead gland
    Door wedges for Syseng pass-key doors (Open both simultaneously)
    Lever for removing tight U-bolts
    Hammer for inserting tight U-bolts
    Paper towels for leak detection and hand wiping
  A bag of guppies