Meeting Summary
from: 6May98 at 9:00am 
with: Jack, Dale, David, Jon

  • Discuss Uncertainty paper by Smith and Cheeseman
  • Review volume and mass of AUV and components
  • Update on KVH compass
  • Introduce /home/sub directory structure and the use of CVS
  • Our AUV will be named Kambara.

    We discussed the Smith and Cheeseman paper which is simplified version (3 degrees-of-freedom in the plane) of what we will need to do to navigate Kambara. The compounding operation is analyous to filtering the interial data and the merging operation represents the use of position correction from observed target. The difficult with the approach is that singularities in the tranform occur with three degrees of orientation. Jon suggested a formulation with Euler angles for limited pitch and roll that may solve this problem.

    Jack has been thinking about enclosures for the cameras and looking at machining Lexan lens. He has also been working on the device interface for the Sony camera. The coming week will have him getting everyting ported to VxWorks. Dale has been working on the details of the Kalman filter an d has begun testing on the pressure sensor. Next up is characterization of the KVH compass.

    The selection of computing hardware is in the final stages with only a few quotes still outstanding. VME options (6U) were eliminated due to size and VME (3U) due to lack of availablity, leaving us with CompactPCI as the best option. There are five CompactPCI Intel-processor boards suitable (Gespac, PEP, Ziatech, Eurotech, and OR) and one will do the job. Three CompactPCI framegrabbers are available. DAADIO and PWM output will be handed with IP cards. David will put together a best design and show it around.

    David has set up the working direction /home/sub. Code is now compilable under VxWorks and the general structure of Makefiles is working.

    Things to do to allow you use CVS to access code:

    Take a look at the man page for CVS located in /home/sub/packages/cvs/man (which you may want to add to your MANPATH). In general you will want to check out code that you intend to work on using: cvs get <mymodule> and then once you've got your changes working execute: cvs commit <mymodule>.

    Things to do to allow you use Tornado:

    To run Tornado type "launch". The very userful manual pages are online within the program "windman".

    By David Wettergreen,  <>
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