Meeting Summary
from: 3Jun98 at 9:00am 

  • Status from everyone
  • Discuss:
  • Review proposed software architecture

  • This week's meeting focused on designing a few elements of our system. Jack presented the mechanical design for the camera enclosures. We refined a few elements and came to consensus on where to mount the cameras and the need for adjustment in roll, pitch and yaw. As well as the importance of aligning the optical axis of the camera with the center of the enclosure dome. Next week Martin Stonebridge of the FEIT machine shop will join us to look at various designs.

    Dale has collected drift data on the KVH compass and will work on developing a Kalman filter to collect data. We selected the Triaxial Summit accelerometer +/-1.5G (in preference to the Biaxial sensor).

    David presented the communication/video tether design which will provide three (or four) video signals and Ethernet on the surface. Only remaining issues are how to penetrate the the watertight enclosure (talking to SeaCon about that) and whether passive video splitters will be sufficient.

    Discussion of these systems took the whole hour so we didn't get to discuss the paper--David read the wrong one anyway.

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