Meeting Summary
from: 2Jun99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisG, Harley, Wayne, ChrisM, Ian, David, Alex, Samer, Terence

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss paper:

    Samer and David met individually with undergraduate students and all are doing well and are poised to make strong progress on the projects in the break between the semesters.  This will put them in good shape for their project seminars coming early next semester.

    We will take a break in the regular weekly Kambara meeting for Ian, Terence, and Chris to take their final exams.  David will meet with Chris and Chanop irregularly.  Next full group meeting will be 30Jun99.

    Harley has made complete design drawings of amplifier box.  A few things need to be confirmed be they go out for quotes.

    Wayne build a mounting stand for motors so that we can begin testing their intrinsic parameters.  No word from the motor manufacturers.  He has found some video of a pipe and will get it sent to us.  The pool is clean.  Wayne and Chanop begin motor testing on Monday.

    Terence is getting ready to test the sensors with the WAM and has designed an appropriate mount plate.  He will see Martin about getting it made.

    ChrisM has a working scrolling graph widget and has downloaded the current JAVA compiler.  He will be contacting various AUV groups collecting information on their interface approaches.

    Ian has worked a bit on Samer's edge detector routines.  He will talk to Martin about getting a camera bracket bent in the shop.  David and Ian will meet to finalize the calibration target design.  Wayne suggests having the marks screen printed on.  The ImageNation device driver will need a library change to compile under PPC.

    ChrisG has been working on a paper.  He has ordered all the amplifier electronics and expects the boards to arrive soon.  Things have been sorted out with the Nomad so after moving his code onboard, Chris should be able to begin testing learning routines.

    David has the Kambara's computer booting and loading the appropriate kernel via PPP (with much help from James Ashton to get PPP working).  More work need on the kernel though as it seems to crash.  David disassembled just about everything on the Kambara including all five thrusters to prepare for motor tests and assembly of the enclosure internals.

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