Meeting Summary
from: 27May98 at 9:00am 
with: David, Chris, Jack, Dale, Samer

  • Status from everyone
  • Discuss:

  • Chris and David spent Monday and Tuesday testing the power amplifiers. Chris's design works very well, delivering up to 17A at 24V for plenty of kick by the thrusters. In attempting to determine what part of the amplifier would fail, we eventually succeed in melting some of the solder tracks. No components were damaged. Next step is to design and fabricate a PCB. In testing the batteries, now at 24 volts, we connected directly to the motor (drawing about 20A) and were surprised (given earlier results) that they went flat in about 22minutes. We are getting more technical documentation on the batteries.

    Chris has implemented the C++ streams library in VxWorks and is continuing to convert over classes. Dale has also been workiing on C++ and examining a Kalman filter class. He will talk to Jochen who has been doing similar work. We will go ahead and purchase a Summit accelerometer.

    We examined the computing system design which is currently based on a CompactPCI architecture with Pentium processor from Gespac, DAADIO and PWM IP packs from Greenspring, and video digitizer from ImageNation.

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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