Meeting Summary
from: 27Jan99 at 10:00am 
with: Chris, Ben, Ian, Chanop, David, Alex

  • Status on individual projects
  • Revise project schedule

  • Ben continues to work on camera calibration and and designed a calibration target which David will make.  He has been able to compile the library of Tsai's calibration routines.

    Ian continues to make progress on the framegrabber device driver and is working on getting proper transfers of the image to memory.

    Chanop has been reading controls papers.  David installed a framegrabber in the PC he is using and he will begin working on getting it operational under Linux.  He has revised his master's research proposal.

    David has been chasing up components and outstanding work (endcap, battery charger, serial cable, etc.)  We'll try to identify some casual engineering support for the coming year.  David needs to finish the wiring database.

    Chris has removed Matlab from the reinforcement learning simulator.  It now runs much fasters.  The conjugate gradient code seems to have a few problems that Chris is investigating.  Chris successfully finished his annual report and will be with us for another year.

    A few comments came back on the task list and more will be submitted by Chris.  David will organize and try to project some key dates.

    By David Wettergreen,<>
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