Meeting Summary
from: 26May99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisG, Harley, Wayne, ChrisM, Ian, David,Chanop,Alex,Samer

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss paper:

    Ian looked into having a calibration target made in FEIT but they were expensive.  We will look at building our own using two plates and a hinge.  The geometry must be known to +/-1mm.  He has been working with the CannyOx code that Samer has provided but is still getting it to compile.  This code will do edge detection and connection and a separate routine will use orthorgonal regression to fit lines.

    ChrisM has been working on widget layouts a bit this week and has the bar graph components working.

    Harley and ChrisG have spent most of the week laying out a PCB sheet that includes the new motor amplifiers, DC/DC power board, and power distribution boards.

    Wayne has been looking into force sensors to use in the test stand and found them to be pretty expensive.  He has inquired about borrowing units from on campus.  It was suggested he contact Rod Boswell in RSPhysSE.  In the coming week Wayne will build a test jig for holding Kambara's motors begin work on the frame in the pool.

    Chanop has been looking into lenses and found Pentax and <X> as possible sources.  He is working with Wayne to measure motor parameters.

    ChrisG has got the DC/DC converter for the MotionPak ordered.  He has been working with Protel much of the week finishing up the big PCB.  No progress with the Nomad as the clock is stuck at 00:00:00.

    David has been working with the real-time system and has now built a new kernel for the PowerPC board.  Problems still remain with the Ethernet connection as things aren't connecting.  A new bootrom is on the way.  David disassembled the CompactPCI cage and it looks like we can narrow it down by cutting out empty slots.

    Paper is postponed until next week.

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