Meeting Summary
from: 24Feb99 at 10:00am 
with: ChrisM, Terence, Ian, Ken, Chanop, David, Samer, Alex

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    Welcome to Terence Betlehem, an undergraduate honors student who will be doing his project on state estimation for underwater vehicles.  Terence has already begun reading papers on Kalman Filtering and thruster modeling.

    ChrisM has been looking at various interfaces and reading some papers.

    Ian has been speeding up the framegrabber driver (currently 35 Hz, low resolution).  He is implementing some mutual exclusion features to allow changes to the grab parameters at runtime and for multiprocess operation.

    David has tested the fiber optic system.  The computer communicates (and boots) at 100Mbps through Kambara's tether.  Video runs simultaneously.  David is still working on the device driver for the IndustryPack carrier boards.  The memory and addressing is working properly, next the interupts need to be set up.

    Ken has proposed completed a proposal to develop a web-based controller for an underwater robot.  He proposes incremental development from his existing telerobot experience.

    Chanop has been working on two completing device drivers for the digitizer under Linux.

    Chris is moving house and revising the AuCRA paper.

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