Meeting Summary
from: 20May98 at 9:00am 
with: Dale, Chris, Jack, David, Jon

  • Status from everyone
  • Discuss:

  • Jack has been working on the design of enclosures for the stereo cameras and has a design that will be reviewed by the machine shop.  He's got the Linux driver for the framegrabber but it only handles black&white.  It looks like porting and enhancing it will be a big job.

    Dale has been experimenting with the DGS3 and creating big data sets.  Too big for Matlab.  David will help put together some interface code and Jack will look at getting the Kalman filter object working.  Dale will contact Summit regarding the exact specification for the +/-1.5G triaxial accelerometer.

    The Siliconix MOSFET driver chip has arrived and Chris will install and begin testing today.  Kambara will go in the water (briefly) this week.  Chris continues to work with the VxWorks base classes.

    David is behind in getting the computing system configured.  The proposed computing system will on the design page soon.  Also, the  Software Design is available on the web site.  Take a look.

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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