Meeting Summary
from: 20Jan99 at 10:00am 
with: Chris, Ben, Ian, Chanop, David

  • Status on individual projects
  • Status on outstanding components

  • Chris has been been working on stabilizing the reinforcement learning algorithm and collecting further data for the AuCRA paper.

    Ben is working on camera calibration and and has been developing feature detection routines to find calibration targets.  His approach is to threshold the first derivative of the image to find edges.  Ben will look into whether he need to write a report on his project.

    Ian continues to make progress on the ImageNation device driver and has gotten the interupts working.

    Chanop has been writing some code to display images and run various edge detectors while he works to become familiar with topics in computer vision.  He will revise his master's research schedule by next week.

    David has tested the new endcap for the upper enclosure.  It leaks around the o-ring.  The RSPhySE shop foreman is away, but they should be able to fix the problem starting next week.  Negotiations continue on the inertial sensor for Kambara.  The last remaining component, a fiber optic media converter. has been quoted and will be ordered shortly.

    Everyone received copies of the list of tasks for the coming year, we'll review them, make additions, and draft a schedule next week.

    By David Wettergreen,<>
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