Meeting Summary
from: 1Apr98 at 9:00am 
with:David, Chris, Alex, Jack, Dale, Samer, Jon

  • Status from everyone
  • Discuss Park paper on underwater inspection robot
  • Review navigation sensors
  • The surprising (and disappointing) news of the week is that the motors that we have on the sub are not Minn Kota Classic 35s as indicated in the testing information that we were working from (these were eventually rejected by Sydney University as not having enough thrust) but instead are Turbo Pro 324s. The critical difference is that these are 24volt motors not 12volt motors. This has forced us to redesign the power systems particularly the motor power amplifers. Chris is at work on this now.

    Jack is reading technical manuals and working on device drivers for the cameras and framegrabbers. Dale has cataloged navigation sensors and is studying Kalman filtering. We're targeting 5% error in position and orientation estimation with the thought that this would allow precise motion in the small area of the testing tank and good performance over 100m or so. Samer will do some preliminary calculations on what this translates into for sensor accuracy.

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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