Meeting Summary
from: 18Mar98 at 9:00am 
with: Alex, David, Chris, Dale, Jack, Samer and Jon

  • Discuss undergraduate project proposals
  • Status of motor power amplifier
  • Discuss project schedule

    Dale and Jack presented their undergraduate project proposals.  The details of which we should put online sometime soon.  In general the proposals look fine and need only be adjusted to fit more within the guidelines of the engineering program and have some additional background material added.

    Chris has made good progress with the power amplifiers and has considered a number of other designs in optimizing his own.  The motors are turning well with a 20kHz PWM signal.  Applying pressure to the shaft to simulate a low can drive the current draw up to only 10amps.  Chris is developing driver logic and specifying components.  David has been looking for a additional Minn Kota Classic 35 motor to use for testing and fit with the electronics, but without much success since the Classic 35 was never imported to Australia and may no longer be manufactured in the US.  The next test may be to hang the sub over the water an dunk one thruster.

    The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing schedule. [Revised schedule]

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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