Meeting Summary
from: 17Feb99 at 10:00am 
with: Ian, Chanop, David, ChrisM, ChrisG, Samer, Alex, Harley

  • Status on individual activities

  • Welcome to Chris McPherson, a undergraduate honors student who will be doing his project on operator interfaces for underwater vehicles, and to Harley Truong, who will be doing engineering work, specifically on the wiring harnesses for Kambara.

    Ian has the VISCA driver completed and is working on speeding up the framegrabber driver (currently 12.5 Hz).  He is implementing several features to allow low resolution grabbing and subwindow grabbing.

    Chanop has another device driver working under Linux that goes at 40Hz.  He has revised his masters project proposal.  He is starting to work on correlation techniques.

    David has tested the improved endcap and it works.  Next step is to get is painted.  The last of the video components has arrived.  The battery charger should have shipped by now.  Chris and David will work on getting the power supply for the computer working. All the cables have arrived.

    Chris is working on a reinforcement learning-based controller for the Nomad mobile robot, as a physical testbed for his 2D Kambara controller.  He has everything working in the Nomad simulator and is now preparing to move the real robot.  One issue to work on is that initially the robot may sit and jitter for a while.

    Ali should turn up for next week's meeting.

    Kambara Project at the ANURobotic Systems Laboratory
    By David Wettergreen<>
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