Meeting Summary
from: 17Feb98 at 9:00am 
with: Alex, David and Chris

  • Getting frame from Sydney University
  • Setting scope and milestones
  • Alex and Hugh have worked out the details of what remains to be done on the submersible by the University of Sydney. The motor wiring will be passed through the bulkhead (this will allow us to seal everything up). Paul Newman will provide documentation of parts and suppliers. We will travel to Sydney on Monday, 23Feb98 to take the submersible and tether.

    David and Chris will work this week to develop a project plan with schedule and milestones as well as, to identify the key technical decisions we must make tin the near term. Likely topics include whether to copy the Sydney power system design or to try to eliminate the tether, how to do the motion control, and what type of computing architecture to use.

    Chris proposed a name (separately endorsed by Paul Newman) for the ANU submersible: Titania, wife of Oberon from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night.

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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