Meeting Summary
from: 13Jan99 at 10:00am 
with: Chris, Ian, Ben, Chanop, Alex, Ali, David

  • Status on individual projects
  • Status on outstanding components

  • Ben Kahler has finished working the display of images and theVisca device driver (nice demos) and is now working on camera calibration.  He has downloaded code for Tsai's method and is looking into papers more recent results.  David will contact Mark Maimone.  Ben will make some sample calibration targets.

    Ian Fitzgerald is making good progess on the ImageNation VxWorks device driver having worked out the memory mapping (in sysLib.c) and build a VxWorks kernel that allows him to talk to the board.  Next step is to make sure that images are being written into memory properly.

    Chanop Silpa-Anan will implement some example image processing programs and now has a heap of papers on controls from David.

    Chris and David finished the paper on reinforcement learning for the Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation .

    David is organizing a sensor database to aid in wiring everthing up.  He is also slowling cleaning up the tank for some submergence tests with the new endcap.

    Ali has finished the design of the motor power amplifier board, which is ready for fabrication once the enclosure is designed.

    Kambara's endcap should be done on Friday.  The battery charger is complete and is being tested.  It should ship next week. BEI Sensors and Systems have agreed to donate a MotionPak for use inside Kambara.  No word on fiberoptic media converter.

    By David Wettergreen,<>
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