Meeting Summary
from: 12May99 at 9:00am 
with: ChrisG, Harley, Wayne, Terence, ChrisM, Ian, David

  • Status on individual activities

  • Discuss paper:

    Chris has been laying out the amplifier board for the motors.  There is lots of routing to do but we are planning to email the design out on Friday.  ChrisG and David spoke with a reporter from the ANU Reporter about Kambara.  Chris is working on another paper on reinforcement learning.

    Harley has picked the power connectors and is preparing an order for them.  Harley and David have a rough design for the rack to mount the computers and sensors and will also order all the stock materials that are needed.

    Wayne sent messages to the thruster manufacturer (and the company that does the motor winding) to see if we can get some of the parameters.  He finished up the power supply (by putting loads on the 5V and 48V lines) and put sharp labels on it.

    Terence has been working ont he device driver for the A/D.  He and David got it working and played with recording data form the accelerometer.  Next test is to power up the IMU.  Terence has determined that the phyical model for Kambara is, and should be, a complicated mess.  He has some ideas on how to use an extended Kalman Filter.

    ChrisM is working on graphics components and has been doing a Java3D tutorial.  Next week he should have some things to demo on the computer.  ChrisM and David meet Friday at 1:00pm

    Ian is pushing through the camera calibration reading and has made some targets.  Samer, Ian, and David meet next Monday.

    David has been building VxWorks kernels and working on getting the Ethernet interface to the PowerPC board working.

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