Meeting Summary
from: 11Mar98 at 9:00am 
with: Alex, David, Chris, Dale, Jack and Samer

  • Discuss undergraduate project proposals
  • Present power system design
  • Discuss motion control system design options
  • Dale and Jack are making progress on their project proposals now that their topics have been clarified. Dale will work on the sensors and software for the sub's inertial navigation capablity and Jack will work on cameras and software for visual localization and navigation. By next Tuesday Dale and Jack will see David with a draft of their proposals. Next week we will discuss them at the meeting and by Friday the proposals will be submitted.

    The initial power system design is complete and detailed design is in progress. The system will be based on 12volt batteries for power supply. It is possible to fit 8 batteries rate at 12volts and 17amp-hours in the lower enclosure for a total of 136amp-hours (at a 20 hour discharge rate, which we will exceed). Assuming an average motor loading of 5amps and a battery derating of 20% (to 13.6amp-hours), we get 8*13.6amp-hours/5*5amps = 4.35 hours of motor operation per charge. Computers and sensors may run of separate batteries or off main batteries with some protection against sudden power loss.
    [Diagram of power system]

    We are considering four possible motion control system designs based on: a simple amplifier, a complex amplifier, a complex amplifier with a motion control board, or a custom H-bridge amplifier and a motion control board.
    [Diagram of simple amplifer]
    [Diagram of complex amplifer]
    [Diagram of complex amplifer and motion control board]
    [Diagram of custom H-bridge amplifer and motion control board]
    Chris has built and is testing the H-bridge design.

    By David Wettergreen, <>
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