Meeting Summary
from: 10Mar99 at 9:00am 
with:ChrisG, Chanop, Terence, Ian, ChrisM, Harley,David

  • Status on individual activities
  • Discuss:
  • "Reinforcement Learning applied to the control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" by
    C.Gaskett, D. Wettergreen and A. Zelinsky, in Proceedings of ACRA99, (Brisbane, March 1999).
    "Development of a Visually-Guided Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" by D. Wettergreen, C.
    Gaskett, and A. Zelinsky, in Proceedings of OCEANS98, (IEEE, Nice, September 1998).

    ChrisG has been preparing slides for his upcoming seminar. He has implemented a bit of Java network code to test out. ChrisG and David determined that the 12volt off-board power suply is unstable without a load.
    Chanop has been cleaning up code and working on a GUI to display image processing results. We will get two more PCs for the mobile robotics lab. Chanop will set up one of them for Kambara.
    Terence, Ian, and ChrisM have been working on their project proposals. Terence has also been looking at the ADIO device driver. Ian has fixed a task priority problem in the digitizer device driver. ChrisM has been surfing the net looking at interface development software.
    Harley has fined up work on the WAM and is now with Kambara on full day a week. He has begun documenting the various components in the system.
    David forgot to take note of what he did this week.

    Kambara Project at the ANURobotic Systems Laboratory
    By David Wettergreen, <>
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