Errors In The Timed Interval Calculus

Our paper points out various errors in the TIC as defined in Technical Report TR-99-36 Version 1.1 of December 1999 published by the Software Verification Research Centre. In November 2002, TR-99-36 Version 1.1 was replaced by Version 1.2 of September 2002 on the SVRC web page. Version 1.2 does not acknowledge the existence of errors in Version 1.1, does not explain our contribution in finding them, does not cite our AI02 paper, but does correct the errors we discovered and does acknowledge Jeremy Dawson for "helpful comments". On 9th of December 2002, the SVRC web site no longer directs the reader to Version 1.1. Both the author of TR-99-36 and the SVRC are aware of these facts.
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