Validation of an Automatic Lip-Tracking Algorithm and Design of a Database for Audio-Video Speech Processing

Authors: Roland Göcke, Quynh Nhu Tran, J Bruce Millar, Alexander Zelinsky, and Jordi Robert-Ribes

Presented by Roland Göcke at the 8th Australian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology SST-2000, Canberra, Australia, 4-7 December 2000


We have recently proposed a new algorithm for the automatic extraction of lip feature points. Based on their positions, parameters describing the shape of the mouth are derived. Since the algorithm is based on a stereo vision face tracking system, all measurements are in real-world distances. In this paper, we evaluate the accuracy of the automatic feature extraction algorithm by comparing its results with a manual feature extraction process. The results show an average error of about 1-2mm for the internal mouth width and height. In the second part of the paper, we present the design of an AV speech database for Australian English for future experiments on the correlation of audio and video speech signals.

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