EREC-II in Use Studies on Usability and Suitability of a Sensor System for Affect Detection and Human Performance Monitoring

Authors: Christian Peter, Randolf Schultz, Joerg Voskamp, Bodo Urban, Nadine Nowack, Hubert Janik, Karin Kraft, and Roland Göcke

Presented by J@ouml;rg Voskamp at the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction HCII2007, Beijing, China, 22-27 July 2007


Interest in emotion detection is increasing significantly. For research and development in the field of Affective Computing, smart environments, but also reliable non-lab medical and psychological studies robust technologies are needed for detecting emotional signs in persons under everyday conditions. This paper discusses evaluations of a sensor system for the acquisition of emotion-related physiological parameters, namely heart rate, skin conductivity, and skin temperature. The system has been developed with a focus on easy handling, robustness, and reliability. Two sets of studies have been performed covering 4 different application fields: medical, human performance in sports, driver assistance, and multimodal affect sensing. Results show that the different application fields pose different requirements mainly on the user interface, while the sensing hardware and processing of the data proved to be in an acceptable state for use in different research domains.

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