Optische Mimikanalyse

Authors: Roland Göcke and Jörg Voskamp

Presented by Roland Göcke at the 4. IuK-Tagen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rostock, Germany, 18-20 June 2003


Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is becoming increasingly important these days. Computer systems form more and more part of our daily life, even though such systems are often hidden from the user. The trend in HCI is clearly towards more human-like ways of interacting with systems. Traditional HCI devices like computer mice and keyboards lose in importance and are replaced by integrated systems which combine, for example, speech recognition and gesture recognition (hand, face). In the project face:)me, a tool for the analysis of facial expressions is developed. Certain feature points like the eye corners, eye brows, nostrils, and mouth are tracked in a video sequence and the changes in their positions recorded in the so called Face Mimic Graph, which can be used later for analysis and visualisation. The tracking is achieved by a combination of template matching and other image processing techniques.

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