Fast Volume Rendering Methods for 2D/3D Registration

Author: Roland Göcke

Diplomarbeit (Master's thesis), University of Rostock, Germany, January 1998


The registration of image datasets is a common problem in medical imaging. An example of this is the 2D/3D registration of preoperative 3D CT images and intraoperative 2D X-ray fluoroscopy images. In this thesis, fast methods of the volume visualisation, especially of the direct volume rendering, have been investigated on their use for the calculation of perspective projections for 2D/3D registration. A ray casting method and a method which takes advantage of a shear-warp factorisation of the viewing transformation were chosen as suitable and, hence, implemented. Different kinds of optimisation were applied to the chosen methods in order to meet the high time requirements for clinical use.

Download thesis (in German) (724kB, PDF)

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