The HPNumSOA Project: High Performance Numerical Computing on Service-Oriented Architectures

This is a project on high performance grid and cluster computing between Platform (TM) Computing, the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. It began in July 2007 and is funded by the ARC Linkage Grant LP0669762 and Platform (TM) Computing.

The project's Chief Investigators are Dr Peter Strazdins (ANU) and Dr Paul Coddington (Adelaide). Associated Platform staff are Dr Khalid Ahmed (Senior Architect), Mr Chris Smith (Principal Product Architect), and Dr Jingwen Wang (VP Engineering).

The project's APAI PhD scholar is Mr Jaison Mulerikkal.


The development of Performance Modelling, Evaluation and Programmability Issues of Parallel Scientific Applications using Service Oriented Grid-Oriented Infrastructures is of chief interest to Platform (TM) Computing, as is evident from its products such as the Platform LSF environment for Grids/Clusters, Platform Enterprise Grid Orchestrator (EGO) grid resource management platform and Platform Symphony Enterprise Grid package for financial services. The latter is largely comprised of the Service Oriented Middleware (SOAM), which provides a high-level infrastructure for enabling grid services.

The SOA approach has worked well for financial applications; this project will investigate the applicability of this approach to (scientific and engineering) numerical applications.

Research Themes

The overall theme is to investigate the applicability of Service Oriented Middleware (SOAM) to high performance numerical computing. In particular to:

Keywords: Parallel Computing, Grid Computing, Service Oriented Architecture Computer Performance Modelling and Evaluation, Cluster Computing

APAI_IT PhD Scholarship

Requirements: Honours I or IIA degree in a computing-related discipline (or equivalent qualification). Preferable attributes include experience in any of the following areas: high performance computing, grid computing MPI programming, complex software systems, scientific computation. Applicants normally must be Australian citizens or residents or New Zealand citizens to be eligible for ARC-funded APAI_IT scholarships.

Benefits: APAI_IT PhD scholarship stipend ($25,627 pa) + relocation costs, visits to Platform (Toronto) and an internship at Platform (Beijing). Opportunities for cross-institutional studies at the University of Adelaide. APAI_IT stipends are over 3 years, extendable up to 3.5 years.

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