Graduate Diploma in Computing

Proposal for a Graduate Diploma in Computing

(Version 1)


The Master of Information Technology Studies has served as a one year postgraduate conversion course. Under the AQF guidelines, however, it may no longer be named a Masters degree. This proposal is for a slightly updated version of the MITS with its new renaming.


The renaming is required by the AQF. The addition of a networking course is in accordance with the view that a large market for the degree is to enable people from other disciplines to be qualified for a variety of IT-related vocations.

Program Introductory Description

This program will educate science/engineering/technology graduates in modern aspects of computing in a way that will provide a route for them into the Information Technology (IT) industry, or or for computing professionals without a qualification to gain one. It will also provide them with a foundation to do more advanced study in athe computing discipline.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires an approved bachelor degree with a credit average (or equivalent). Students without a degree but who have at least three years relevant work experience, or a combination of qualifications and experience, may also receive admission.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 48 units including:
  1. completion of 30 units from the following courses:
  2. Completion of a further 18 units of approved courses, including a minimum of 6 units of 6000/8000-series computing courses.

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