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We will put the source code in the target /usr/src directory. So for example, if your target file system is mounted on /mnt/target and your tarballs are in /root, you would do

        cd /mnt/target/usr/src
        tar -xzvf /root/MAKEDEV-2.5.tar.gz

Don't be completely lame and copy the tarball to the place where you are going to extract it ;->

Normally when you install software, you are installing it onto the system that is running. We don't want to do that though, we want to install it as though /mnt/target is the root filesystem. Different packages have different ways of letting you do this. For MAKEDEV you do

        ROOT=/mnt/target make install

You need to look out for these options in the README and INSTALL files or by doing a ./configure --help.

Have a look in MAKEDEV's Makefile to see what it does with the ROOT varible that we set in that command. Then have a look in the man page by doing man ./ to see how it works. You'll find that the way to make our device files is to cd /mnt/target/dev and do ./MAKEDEV generic. Do an ls to see all the wonderful device files it has made for you.

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