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14. Administrivia

14.1 Copyright

This document is copyright (c) 1999, 2000 Greg O'Keefe. You are welcome to use, copy, distribute or modify it, without charge, under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. Please acknowledge me if you use all or part of this in another document.

14.2 Homepage

The lastest version of this document lives at From Powerup To Bash Prompt

14.3 Feedback

I would like to hear any comments, criticisms and suggestions for improvement that you have. Please send them to me Greg O'Keefe

14.4 Acknowledgements

Product names are trademarks of the respective holders, and are hereby considered properly acknowledged.

There are some people I want to say thanks to, for helping to make this happen.

Michael Emery

For reminding me about Unios.

Tim Little

For some good clues about /etc/passwd

sPaKr on #linux in efnet

Who sussed out that syslogd needs /etc/services, and introduced me to the phrase ``rolling your own'' to describe building a system from source code.

Alex Aitkin

For bringing Vico and his ``verum ipsum factum'' (understanding arises through making) to my attention.

Dennis Scott

For correcting my hexidecimal arithmetic.


For pointing out some typos.

14.5 Change History


14.6 TODO

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