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10. Util-linux (getty and login)

The util-linux package contains agetty and login. We need both of these to be able to log in and get a bash prompt. After it is instlalled, make a symlink from agetty to getty in the target /sbin directory. getty is one of the programs that is supposed to be there on all Unix-like systems, so the link is a better idea than hacking inittab to run agetty.

I have one remaining problem with the compilation of util-linux. The package also contains the program more, and I have not been able to persuade the make process to have more link against the ncurses 5 library on the target system rather than the ncurses 4 on the source system. I'll be having a closer look at that.

You will also need a /etc/passwd file on the target system. This is where the login program will check to find out if you are allowed in. Since this is only a toy system at this stage, we can do outrageous things like setting up only the root user, and not requiring any password!! Just put this in the target /etc/passwd


The fields are separated by colons, and from left to right they are user id, password (encrypted), user number, group number, user's name, home directory and default shell.

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