Canberra's Critical (Courteous) Mass

Gathering 5:45pm, Launching 6pm, Garema Place.
Last Friday in November*

To bring: a self-powered vehicle with wheels, as many lights/bike-accesories as you can muster, a love of bikes.

Being Canberra, we think a Critical Courteous Mass is the way to go, but it's a leaderless ride - where we take it is up to us.

*Critical mass rides are traditionally monthly, but in Canberra with its smooth bike paths and already-tightknit community, perhaps it doesn't need to be so.
It's worth checking out what's happening on the Critical Mass Facebook page, and also what the Rat Patrol and Tweed Riders are organising too - there are plenty of great rides happening in Canberra.
If you're keen to fly the Critical Mass flag and host this page or the facebook page, contact Nij at

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